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Creating a casino gaming plugin for WordPress

Creating a full-fledged casino gaming plugin for WordPress involves a complex set of tasks, including

user management, game logic, and score tracking. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll provide you with a basic example of a WordPress casino gaming plugin featuring a slot machine game and user score tracking

Please note that real-money gambling or casino-related activities may have legal implications, and it’s crucial to comply with relevant laws and regulations. This example is purely for educational purposes and should not be used for real-money transactions.

Step 1: Set Up Plugin Structure

Create a new directory for your plugin, for example, casino-gaming-plugin. Inside this directory, create the main PHP file, e.g., casino-gaming-plugin.php.

Step 2: Define Plugin Header and Basic Structure

Plugin Name: Casino Gaming Plugin
Description: A WordPress plugin for a simple casino game.
Version: 1.0
Author: Your Name

// Exit if accessed directly
if (!defined('ABSPATH')) {

// Add plugin functionality here

Step 3: Implement User Score Tracking

// Create a table to store user scores
function create_score_table() {
    global $wpdb;

    $table_name = $wpdb->prefix . 'casino_scores';

    $charset_collate = $wpdb->get_charset_collate();

    $sql = "CREATE TABLE $table_name (
        id mediumint(9) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
        user_id mediumint(9) NOT NULL,
        score int NOT NULL,
        PRIMARY KEY  (id)
    ) $charset_collate;";

    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php');
register_activation_hook(__FILE__, 'create_score_table');

// Function to get user score
function get_user_score($user_id) {
    global $wpdb;

    $table_name = $wpdb->prefix . 'casino_scores';

    $score = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT score FROM $table_name WHERE user_id = %d", $user_id));

    return $score;

// Function to update user score
function update_user_score($user_id, $new_score) {
    global $wpdb;

    $table_name = $wpdb->prefix . 'casino_scores';

            'user_id' => $user_id,
            'score' => $new_score,
        array('%d', '%d')

Step 4: Implement a Simple Slot Machine Game

// Shortcode to display the slot machine game
function casino_game_shortcode() {
    <div id="slot-machine-game">
        <button id="spin-button">Spin</button>
        <div id="result"></div>

        // JavaScript logic for the slot machine game
        document.getElementById('spin-button').addEventListener('click', function () {
            var symbols = ['Cherry', 'Lemon', 'Orange', 'Plum', 'Bell', 'Bar', 'Seven'];
            var result = symbols[Math.floor(Math.random() * symbols.length)];

            document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = 'Result: ' + result;

            // Update user score (replace with actual logic based on the game outcome)
            var userScore = parseInt('<?php echo get_user_score(get_current_user_id()); ?>');
            update_user_score(<?php echo get_current_user_id(); ?>, userScore + 10);
    return ob_get_clean();
add_shortcode('casino_game', 'casino_game_shortcode');

Remember, this is a very basic example, and you should enhance it based on your specific requirements, ensuring that it complies with legal and ethical standards. Additionally, real-money gambling activities must comply with the relevant regulations, and it’s recommended to consult with legal professionals in such cases.

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