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whoever wants to help put an end to bitcoin as i have been doing for the past 6 months (yes the "recent price drops are by me -i even reached out to the bitcoin code group on github why rejected my bounty and said it was rubbish so i started for aboout 8 months not just over a year – it is quite simple to do .
if you wish to learn for avseluutly free how to help me as bitcoin is a scam owned by a very small group of people which you can you see on the main github page – https://github.com/orgs/bitcoin/people.
you can either contact me via my facebook group for more info and tools – https://www.facebook.com/groups/442644747261291 or go to my website and start learning a bit about crypto security – and crypto mining pools in pertcular…
if you wish to help by dontating to help fund servers and the uocimng exchange that will allow anyone to add their own cryoto currencies please make donation to help fund all this either to my paypal – https://paypal.me/pablorotem?country.x=IL&locale.x=en_US
or by visiting the fund raiser from here – you are buying actua share from the exchange a total of 49% in the exchanges crypto currency which will be pos by vsiting here –
this post ive decided to also include a video showing just how simple it is to crash all services related to bitcoin by targeting illega mining pools based in chine where it is punishable by up to 25 years for setting up a pool so no laws were broken but it does show you just how the entire chain relies on around 12 mining pools most of which are in china.
ps – i am sorry the video is in hebrew i will try to make another one in english soon so please bare with me.
also you can donate to my paypal if you feel like it – obviosly i am doing this cause alot of people – too many have been scammed to waste money on an asset the have 0 control over,.
Pablo Guides